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First Aid for Forestry & Arboriculture

Forestry & Arboriculture are high risk occupations where operators are exposed to potentially very serious and occasionally life threatening injuries. In addition to this the work often takes place in remote locations far removed from the emergency services. This means first aiders in these occupations must be trained to deal with more serious injuries and manage them for a longer period of time than the typical first aider would expect to.


NPTA first aid training takes these factors into account to deliver high quality environment specific training that precisely meets the needs of the forestry and arboriculture industries.

We are proud to be members of FISA which helps enables us to remain current on the issues affecting the forestry industry and ensures that our training remains as relevant as possible.

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Emergency First Aid at Work - Forestry Context (EFAW+F)

Duration: 6+ hours

This is the lowest level of training permitted for first aiders operating on Forestry Commission sites

Download Information (PDF)
Download Information (PDF)

Outdoor First Aid - Forestry Context (includes EFAW+F)

Duration: 16+ hours

A 2 day course specifically designed for the outdoor environment. Includes dual certification (OFA & EFAW+F)

Download Information (PDF)
Download Information (PDF)

First Aid at Work - Forestry Context (FAW+F)

Duration: 18+ hours

A 3 day course for those looking for a comprehensive course

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First Aid at Work Revalidation - Forestry Context

Duration: 12+ hours

A 2 day course for those looking to revalidate an existing FAW+F course

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Bespoke Courses

Duration: As required

We are able to design and deliver training to fit your precise needs. This could take many forms including; annual refresher training, scenario based training on your worksite or a comprehensive course designed entirely for your specific circumstances.

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