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First Aid for Manufacturing & Engineering

The manufacturing and engineering sector involves a huge range of activities, from the production of pharmaceuticals in sterile environments through to bespoke heavy engineering projects. Consequently, the types and levels of risks to workers in these environments also varies considerably from minimal/low risk activities through to those which would be classified as potentially high risk. Safety levels are generally excellent, but there still remains the possibility that workers can be exposed to potentially very serious, and occasionally, life threatening injuries or illness.

Clearly not all workplaces are equal. The types of injury and illness that first aiders are most likely to face will vary according to their working environment. Their training must reflect these differences to ensure that they are as well prepared and effective as possible.

NPTA takes all of these factors into account to increase learner engagement and deliver truly effective training.

Designed For

  • Office based staff
  • Low hazard manufacturing operations
  • Drivers
  • Process Engineers
  • Machine Operators
  • Supervisors
  • Metal Workers
  • Maintenance Engineers

The Way Forward

Book your course now or for further information select from the wide range of training options listed below.                                      

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Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) - Manufacturing & Engineering

Duration: 6+ hours

Covers basic life-saving first aid with additional construction & quarrying specific content

Download Information (PDF)
Download Information (PDF)

First Aid at Work (FAW) - Manufacturing & Engineering

Duration: 18+ hours

A 3 day course for those looking for a comprehensive course

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First Aid at Work Requalification (FAWR) - Manufacturing & Engineering

Duration: 12+ hours

A 2 day course for those looking to revalidate an existing FAW course

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Bespoke Courses

Duration: As required

We are able to design and deliver training to fit your precise needs. This could take many forms including; annual refresher training, scenario based training on your worksite or a comprehensive course designed entirely for your specific circumstances.

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