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First Aid for Outdoor Pursuits

Outdoor pursuits are generally fairly low risk activities particularly when done as part of a professionally led activity session. The risk that the participants are exposed to is largely perceived risk rather than actual risk. It is a widely held belief within the outdoor pursuits industry that participants staying at residential activity centre are actually more likely to sustain an injury whilst going about normal everyday tasks in the centre than they are whilst out on activities. Nevertheless, as with all industries, incidents can and do occur and workers within the outdoor pursuits sector need to be trained and prepared to deal with these situations.

A professional outdoor instructor typically must have the skills to deal with a wide range of injuries and illnesses when operating in areas remote from immediate emergency service intervention. The first aider can, in some cases, be required to look after a casualty for a number of hours before being relieved by ambulance crews or rescue teams. Individuals undertaking adventurous activities with friends or club members could also find themselves facing similar circumstances and it is therefore prudent for them to gain the necessary skills also.

The Outdoor First Aid course that we offer was designed from the outset for those working and playing in the outdoors and has been one of the leading qualifications for professional outdoor pursuits instructors for a number of years. It is also currently the only Outdoor Specific First Aid course that is externally regulated and meets the standards to appear upon a national qualifications framework.

NPTA is also a member of the Institute for Outdoor Learning and our courses exceed the standards laid down within their Outdoor First Aid Training Framework.

Designed For

  • Outdoor Instructors
  • Activity Leaders
  • School Teachers
  • D of E Supervisors
  • Scout Leaders
  • Guide Leaders
  • Outdoor Activity Club Members

The Way Forward

Book your course now or for further information select from the wide range of training options listed below.                                      

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Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) - Outdoor Pursuits

Duration: 6+ hours

Covers basic life-saving first aid with additional outdoor specific content

Suitable for outdoor centre admin and housekeeping staff etc.

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Outdoor First Aid (OFA) - Outdoor Pursuits

Duration: 16+ hours

A 2 day course specifically designed for the outdoor environment.

The qualification revalidates many National Governing Body Awards including those administered by:

  • British Canoe Union
  • Mountain Training (formerly MLTB)
  • British Cycling
  • Mountain Bike Leader Award Scheme
  • British Caving Association
  • Royal Yachting Association

Can include dual certification (OFA & EFAW)

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First Aid at Work (FAW) - Outdoor Pursuits

Duration: 18+ hours

A 3 day course for those looking for a comprehensive course delivered in an outdoor context

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First Aid at Work Requalification (FAWR) - Outdoor Pursuits

Duration: 12+ hours

A 2 day course for those looking to revalidate an existing FAW course

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Bespoke Courses

Duration: As required

We are able to design and deliver training to fit your precise needs. This could take many forms including; annual refresher training, scenario based training on your worksite or a comprehensive course designed entirely for your specific circumstances.

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